In the early days of October 2017,  members of the Victoria BC Branch of  Centre For Inquiry Canada launched two petitions opposing examples of systemic faithism in the province; government funding of religion in the healthcare and education systems.

In an email exchange with the petition organizers, learned that it is their perspective that “the school petition has a chance to make a difference as this is in the provincial jurisdiction – the more reasons to fight for it…the more one calls public attention to this religious obscurantism, the sooner one can expect to change it. Submissive silence is the worst way to follow.”

The school petition refers to their argument that

For most of its history the Government of British Columbia acted in accordance with the rule “public money for public schools, private money for private schools” and resisted calls for any funding for independent schools. The undersigned urge the government to return to this policy and cease forthwith providing any funds to independent schools and amend the Independent School Act and any other relevant legislation accordingly as separate or independent schools are fundamentally undemocratic and serve primarily to accentuate wealth and religious and class divisions within society. 

The group is taking a similar perspective on government funding of religion in the healthcare system – a problem with many complicated nuances in Canada given recent Criminal Code changes related to physician-assisted dying.

Of particular interest will be to observe if this group faces any organized attempts to limit or hamper the free expression of their views as they object to systemic faithism in their communities.


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