Back in June of 2017, began to follow the work of Dr. Richard Thain, a retired dentist who began to publicly advertise his objections to the public funding of Catholic schools in Ontario.

The original plan was to produce several ads to be displayed during the launch of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg (September 2014).  That initial bid to speak out regarding a matter of systemic faithism faced barriers that prevented the intended impact.

Recently however, Dr. Thain has continued his fight to generate public dialogue on the matter of public funding for Catholic schools in Ontario.  Dr. Thain has launched a follow-up campaign in Ontario.  The new ad campaign appears on digital billboards in the Greater Toronto Area.

richard ad third copy

Dr. Richard Thain’s 2018  campaign to stop public funding of religious education.


The website mentioned in Dr. Thain’s ad campaign ( or leads to the website of Civil Rights in Public Education, an activist organization  which opposes public funding of religious schools.

Thain’s two-week, Toronto ad campaign on billboards around the city that will run until April 1, 2018. The message: “Stop publicly funding religious education.”  His goal is to bring attention to a crowdfunding effort by One Public Education Now (OPEN) for their Charter challenge. Plaintiffs are in place – a teacher and a parent – who have been discriminated against on the basis of religion.

“Politicians can ignore letters from constituents who support eliminating the government’s discriminatory policies. It is harder for them to ignore a lawsuit” explains Reva Landau, founder of OPEN. The well-established Toronto law firm Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP has been retained by OPEN.

Thain emphasizes, “Other provinces have eliminated anachronistic education policies and the time is long overdo for Ontario to do the same. The present funding system in Ontario is an international embarrassment, a financial disaster and a moral disgrace.”

2 thoughts on “Systemic Faithism: Continuing to Speak Out

  1. Homa Arjomand
    The Coordinator of the International Campaign for One Secular School System for All
    Open letter to all staff in the medical and public health fields, all scientific researchers, pharmaceutical researchers, all not-for-profit agencies and charities!
    It’s accurate to assert that the Halton Catholic District School Board has initiated a political move to push back all progressive achievements that humanity has gained over many centuries based on science and reason. If we don’t firmly oppose this oppressive and regressive backward decision Immediately, we will witness the same type of attack that Galileo faced in 1616. It took 350 years for the Vatican to apologize and admit that Galileo was right. The truth now is that humanity cannot afford to wait 350 years again!
    This recent resolution of the Halton Catholic District School Board aims to create an absolute social, legal, intellectual, emotional, geographical and civil segregation based on specific belief (pro-life or not). With this resolution the Halton Catholic District School Board is planning to gain an upper hand and legally place students under religious dogmas and traditions – the outcome of such a situation will be very obvious, pushing all hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, all scientific research, all agencies and organizations that place humanity and evidence-based decision making under the influence of irrational, centuries-old religious dogma. Furthermore, instead of trying to eliminate discrimination and prejudice, they are paving the path for more segregation and isolation and preventing children and their families from social development and advancement.
    If you support for one publicly funded Secular school system, open to all, for all children without discrimination under the age 18; if you support the for protection of the universal rights of the children; if you support the right of the child to enjoy a healthy and safe environment; if you believe that no one has a right to segregate children and indoctrinate them with religious dogma, traditions and habits; if you do not want the Canadian government and its well established Catholic School Boards to violate the rights of the child; if you support the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms with all its provisions (freedom of expression, assembly, freedom of the press, demonstration, and so on). If you support right to criticize any idea (including all political, cultural, ethical, and ideological aspects of society), then you should stand firm against all faith-based schools and call for religion to be private matter of adult individuals and oppose public funding for all faith-based schools. Stand with us and call for one, public, secular school system open to all children. Public funds for public schools!
    The Canadian government should fulfill its role; to defend the universal and legal human rights of the child. Establishing one secular school system for all children under the age 18 will secure the rights of the child through the same mechanism as all other rights in society. Public funds for public schools!
    Please join us to establish one secular school system for all children.


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